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Updating your OontZ Angle 3XL to firmware version 1.4 with download

This OontZ Angle 3XL firmware update is of benefit when you are using an Apple Bluetooth source: iPhone; iPad; MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac systems.

The firmware version 1.4 enables the OontZ Angle 3XL to playback audio with more control over the volume levels offering a lower minimum volume and more volume level options up to maximum volume. The update is not needed for playing from non-Apple Source devices as the as the lower minimum volume level and the increased control over volume levels is already supported on all Non-Apple Source Devices

To complete the firmware update you will need a USB Thumb Drive with 8Gb or smaller capacity (not included with speaker).   You will also need the 3.5mm audio cable that came with your speaker.

Important Note: If your OontZ Angle 3XL is paired to a second OontZ Angle 3XL speaker via OontZ Wireless Dual Pairing, you will need to unpair them before proceeding with the firmware update. Click here for unpairing instructions

Step A : Download the firmware ZIP file named '' to your hard drive using the following link (Right-click and select "Save Link As..." to save ):

Step B : The file '' must be unzipped before copying the contents to the USB Thumb Drive.  To unzip the file on a Mac, double-click it. To open the file on a PC, drag it to the desktop. Once the file is on the desktop, you can double-click to open the zipped file to see its contents.   It contains a folder named 'system' within it which you will copy to your USB Thumb drive.   Do not copy '' to the drive.

Step C: Drag and drop the folder 'system' to your USB Thumb drive.  The 'system' folder contains 2 files named "upgrade_XL.bin" and "upgrade.txt".

If you experience any issue downloading the firmware files, please contact our support team by clicking here

Step 1 :
Power on the OontZ Angle 3XL by pressing and releasing the On/Off Button

Step 2 : Open the Connector Flap on the rear of your OontZ Angle 3XL

Step 3 : With your AUX IN 3.5mm audio cable not connected to any other device, insert one end into the AUX IN Jack (figure 3-a), the Bluetooth Indicator Light will turn green (figure 3-b) and you will hear the voice prompt: “AUX IN Source”. 

figure 3-a figure 3-b

Step 4 : Insert the USB drive into the USB Power Bank connector.  The USB drive should remain inserted until the firmware update process is complete.

Step 5 : Press and Hold the Next Track button for 5 seconds (figure 5-a).
The Red, Blue, and White lights will light up solid and remain on for about 30 seconds (figure 5-b)
Important: Please watch the three lights as the 30 second time approaches to confirm the following sequence (see animation in Figure 5-c below):
All three lights will flash together 7 times, then only the Red light will flash once, then the Green light turns on and remains solid as you hear the voice prompt: “AUX IN Source”. If the lights don't match this sequence then the firmware did not update successfully and you will have to repeat the update process
(click here to start over)

figure 5-a figure 5-b figure 5-c

After upgrading the firmware on the OontZ Angle 3XL be sure to re-pair your source device to the speaker.   You will need to "Forget this device" from your source device , then re-pair the OontZ Angle 3XL.   Click here for pairing instructions.